Upcoming cricket events to look out for in 2021

For many lovers of sports, 2021 will be a dark year. Not only were our daily lives impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but so were we robbed the opportunity to enjoy our favourite sporting events. Most of the popular sports such as cricket, basketball, football, rugby, and baseball, among others, had to be postponed to curb the spread of the virus. However, as restrictions began easing, many sports leagues started returning, and fans now have the opportunity to enjoy their favourite sporting events, even though certain restrictions do still exist.

For cricket fans, 2021 still holds several events to keep you entertained. Here are some of the popular ones.

Indian Premier League 2021

The Indian Premier League usually takes place between March and May. However, the pandemic meant the dates had to be pushed. The event is being hosted in the UAE, having commenced on September 19.The doubleheaders started on 10th October and are expected to conclude on 10th November.

Just like many sporting events returning after the virus outbreak, IPL 2021 is being held behind closed doors.

Sheffield Shield

The Australian Domestic cricket season is another huge upcoming event to still look out for in 2021.New South Wales were gifted the Sheffield Shield after the season was interrupted by the outbreak. The first game commenced on October 10 between Queensland and Tasmania. This season promises to be one of the biggest ever with the government requiring all international stars to stay in the country as a measure against the outbreak. You can visit https://www.cricketbetingtips.io for tips and popular sites such as Comeon where you can place bets on your favourite teams.

Women's Big Bash League

This season will be the 6th edition of the Women's Big Bash League.

It is scheduled to be run between 25th October until 29th November. This year's edition will only be played at Sydney due to the ongoing Covid19 restrictions. The current champions are Brisbane Heat, having won the last two consecutive titles.

World Cup Super League

The World Cup Superleague is a new ODI competition that is expected to take place over two years. It will help decide which teams qualify for the Men's Cricket World Cup in 2023 that will be hosted by India.

The competition involves 13 teams, with the top 7 teams earning an automatic qualification. Due to the pandemic, some games were postponed, and a later date is yet to be announced.

ICC World Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship commenced on 1 August 2021 and is expected to last for 2 years. It involves the top 9 teams playing in 71 test matches. However, the pandemic meant that some matches were suspended and the season put on hold.

While the T20 World Cup was postponed for a year, this event may still yet make a comeback since it has not been cancelled yet. The final is slated to be played in the UK in June 2021 among the top two teams in the standing.I've misspelt the keyword since it is appearing twice.

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