Digital Advertising Tips to Grow Your Brand

Today, millions of customers have resorted to digital channels in search of online stores, products, and product recommendations. This has led to a dynamic evolution in the digital advertising landscape in companies’ efforts to meet the demands of online consumers. Unfortunately, most companies spend a significantly high amount of money on digital channels that yield a meagre low return on investment. This is due to the lack of understanding of how the online advertising landscape works and how to take advantage of the available digital marketing platforms.

This guide outlines effective digital advertising tips to grow your business brand.• Drive Users to Relevant Landing PagesCustomers should always be directed to landing pages that are relevant to the content that your business is advertising. This is to increase time spent on your website by the consumers, improve the conversion rate, and enhance user experience. Driving potential customers to your website’s homepage instead of a relevant landing page can be a costly course of action. What this means is that online users will not browse through your site for the product that they are looking for, which derails the conversion process.

A designated landing page is the most effective approach in bringing customers close to their purchase needs.• Position Yourself on Social Media PlatformsAccording to some recent statistics, the number of active social media users in every month is projected to hit the 3-billion mark. This projection suggests that social media is not going anywhere and that businesses that are well-positioned on social media will have their sales and revenue scale up significantly. Social media advertising is one of the few digital advertising tools that help businesses reach a broad audience within the shortest time possible. Your business must, therefore, develop a strategy on how to be effective on social media platforms.

Platforms that can yield the highest conversion rate include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitter, and LinkedIn.• Use Digital SignageThe advancement in technology has seen the advertising industry develop a new method of pushing content and spread branded messages. Digital signage has been adopted by multiple industries to capture the attention of potential customers and existing customers by displaying digital ads and videos. Research shows that over 65% of potential customers are convinced to purchase an advertised product through digital signage as compared to other traditional display methods. One of the reasons why businesses should use this technological development is that digital signage is a small investment in the business that warrant a company numerous benefits.

Such benefits include drawing in window shoppers, sharing product information, boosting foot traffic, and bringing online efforts in-store.• Employ Compelling and Clear Calls-to-action (CTA)A call-to-action is the next step that your business intends a customer to take after a digital campaign. That means CTA must be appealing, compelling, and clear. The CTA being compelling and clear, suggests relevance to your brand, products, and services. Calls-to-action must also be obvious to the customer.

For example, if an online user clicks on ‘Request a Quote’ call-to-action, they must be directed to a landing page that captures the necessary details needed to request a quotation. Clear CTA increases conversions as well as improving the performance of your digital campaigns.

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