Because now the fun is also 100% remote

After the confinement due to the expansion of COVID-19, the presence and participation of online games is reinforced.
Humanity always finds a way around the vicissitudes and - definitely - the crisis over COVID-19 has been no exception. At the beginning of the state of alarm and the consequent confinement, many companies bet on implementing remote working modalities to avoid the growth of the infection rate.Of course, the video game and gaming industry was also renewed. Many of them, like online casinos, already had a starting point. It cannot be denied that this sector has changed a lot since the arrival of slot machines at the beginning of the 20th century .But others, like Pokémon GO, had to think of including new modalities to continue offering their clientele a first-class service without putting them at risk.

The games of chance.

An alternative for remote fun

The popularization of online gambling is not a product of the pandemic, but during the last few months it has become an alternative to enjoy in times of "new normality" without leaving aside the recommendations of the World Health Organization.The best thing about the world of online slots and the poker or blackjack tables available on the Internet is that they can be accessed without having to invest money. Most of the big name casinos, such as Betsson, have options for those who do not want to mix luck with their pockets. Anyone who prefers to play for the simple pleasure of it can enter the platform, choose their favorite game and spin the reels to pass the time.The good thing about this alternative is that it is available 24 hours a day and the user does not need to leave home to play, either for free or with money. In addition, online casinos have decided to raise the reward bonuses for new customers, something that makes its attractiveness increase.

Online casinos are not the only options

The classic slot machines -now online- are here to stay, but what about the video games that decided to link virtual reality with the physical world? This is the challenge that Pokémon GO had to meet , and it was even forced to hold its Pokémon GO Fest 2021 without endangering players.Since users of Niantic's famous video game can't now go out and visit "Pokeparades", participate in raids to capture legendary Pokémon or walk around town to complete their Pokedex, the company had to be very creative.One of the new features it included was the remote raid pass which, although it doesn't have a free version like online slots, can be purchased for just one euro.

Tickets for the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 - the virtual event - were also released at an affordable cost, at least for hardcore players.Both the success of the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 - which raised almost EUR 15,000,000 - and the increased consumption of online gambling is a clear indication that, despite the pandemic, humanity is looking for ways to ensure that it is fun, even if it has to be remote .

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